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This is even true for basic functionalities such as the recognition of person names in documents and the categorisation of texts according to subject domains.

Machines might make simple mistakes easily spottable by human analysts, such as categorising an article as being about the outbreak of communicable diseases when category-defining words such as tuberculosis are found in articles discussing a new song produced by a famous music producer, which is easily spottable by a person.

On the other hand, machines are better at going through very large document collections and they are very consistent in their categorisation while people suffer from inconsistency and they tend to generalise on the basis of the small document collection they have read.

For these reasons, it is crucial that any summaries, trend visualisations or other analyses can be verified by the human analysts.

Users should be able to verify the data by drilling down, e. Most of EMM's graphs are interactive and allow viewing the underlying data.

It would be useful if system providers additionally offered confidence values regarding the accuracy of their analyses. For EMM, most specialised applications on individual information extraction tools include such tool evaluation results and an error analysis e.

However, the tools can behave very differently depending on the text type and the language, making the availability of drill-down functionality indispensable.

End users should be careful with accuracy statistics given by system providers. Especially commercial vendors but not only are good at presenting their systems in a very positive light.

For instance, our experience has shown that, especially in the field of sentiment analysis opinion mining, tonality , high accuracy is difficult to achieve even when the statistical accuracy measurement Precision and Recall are high.

Overall Precision accuracy for the system's predictions may for instance indeed be high when considering predictions for positive, negative and neutral sentiment, but this might simply be because the majority class e.

Accuracy statistics may also have been produced on an easy-to-analyse dataset while the data at hand may be harder to analyse. Sentiment, for instance, may be easier to detect on product review pages on vending sites such as Amazon than on the news because journalists tend to want to give the impression of neutrality.

Machine learning approaches to text analysis are particularly promising because computers are good at optimising evidence and because machine learning tools are cheap to produce, compared to man-made rules.

However, the danger is that the automatically learnt rules are applied to texts that are different from the training data as comparable data rarely exists.

Manually produced rules might be easier to tune and to adapt. Again, statistics on the performance of automatic tools should be considered with care.

Within EMM, machine learning is used to learn vocabulary and recognition patterns, but these are then usually manually verified and generalised e.

Zavarella et al. To summarise: we firmly believe that Automated Content Analysis works when it is used with care and when its strengths and limits are known.

In: J. Kohlhammer, D. Keim eds. Golsar Germany : The Eurographics Association. In: U. Kock Wiil ed.

Counterterrorism and Open Source Intelligence. Computational Linguistics Applications, pp. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Huttunen, A.

Vihavainen, Roman Yangarber News Mining for Border Security Intelligence. Detecting event-related links and sentiments from social media texts.

Opinion Mining on Newspaper Quotations. Milano, Italy, Sentiment Analysis in the News. Valletta, Malta, May PLoS One. Epub Mar 5.

Transactions on Computational Collective Intelligence. Krstajic, M. Processing online news streams for large-scale semantic analysis.

EuroSurveillance Vol. Stockholm, 2 April Linge, J. Fuart, F. In: Malaga. Kostkova, M. Szomszor, and D. Fowler eds. Exploring the usefulness of cross-lingual information fusion for refining real-time news event extraction.

Proceedings of the social networks and application tools workshop SocNet pp. Skalica, Slovakia, September Geocoding multilingual texts: Recognition, Disambiguation and Visualisation.

Genoa, Italy, May Automatic Detection of Quotations in Multilingual News. Borovets, Bulgaria, Story tracking: linking similar news over time and across languages.

Manchester, UK, 23 August Building and displaying name relations using automatic unsupervised analysis of newspaper articles. Multilingual multi-document continuously updated social networks.

Borovets, Bulgaria, 26 September Sean P. O'Brien Anticipating the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Journal of Conflict Resolution, Vol.

Cross-lingual Named Entity Recognition. John Benjamins Publishing Company. ISBN 3. Steinberger Ralf A survey of methods to ease the development of highly multilingual Text Mining applications.

Boston, USA. Text Mining from the Web for Medical Intelligence. Weakly supervised approaches for ontology population. Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, Volume Semi-automatic acquisition of lexical resources and grammars for event extraction in Bulgarian and Czech.

Tanev Hristo Annals of Information Systems, Volume Sugumaran, M. Spiliopoulou, E. Enhancing Event Descriptions through Twitter Mining.

Dublin, June Available at:. Combining twitter and media reports on public health events in MedISys. Proceedings of the 22nd international conference on World Wide Web companion, pp.

Steinberger jrc. Werde die beste Version von Dir selbst. Jederzeit an jedem Ort! Lolathecur's Blog Below are two very important entries from the "Jewish Encyclopedia".

Jerome's Bible-Revision Work. Jerome's Bible-Translation Work. Jerome's Translation in Later Times. Earlier Latin Translations.

It was the product of the work of Jerome, one of the most learned and scholarly of the Church leaders of the early Christian centuries. The earliest Latin version of the Scriptures seems to have originated not in Rome, but in one of Rome's provinces in North Africa.

Indeed, Tertullian c. There were at least two early Latin translations, one called the African and the other the European. These, based not on the Hebrew, but on the Greek, are thought to have been made before the text-work of such scholars as Origen, Lucian, and Hesychius, and hence would be valuable for the discovery of the Greek text with which Origen worked.

But the remains of these early versions are scanty. Jerome did not translate or revise several books found in the Latin Bible, and consequently the Old Latin versions were put in their places in the later Latin Bible.

The Psalter also exists in a revised form, and the books of Job and Esther, of the Old Latin, are found in some ancient manuscripts. Only three other fragmentary manuscripts of the Old Testament in Old Latin are now known to be in existence.

Jerome was born of Christian parents about , at Stridon, in the province of Dalmatia. He received a good education, and carried on his studies at Rome, being especially fascinated by Vergil, Terence, and Cicero.

Rhetoric and Greek also claimed part of his attention. At Trier in Gaul he took up theological studies for several years.

In he traveled in the Orient. In a severe illness he was so impressed by a dream that he dropped secular studies. But his time had not been lost.

He turned his brilliant mind, trained in the best schools of the day, to sacred things. Like Moses and Paul, he retired to a desert, that of Chalcis, near Antioch, where he spent almost five years in profound study of the Scriptures and of himself.

At this period he sealed a friendship with Pope Damasus, who later opened the door to him for the great work of his life. In Jerome was ordained presbyter at Antioch.

Thence he went to Constantinople, where he was inspired by the expositions of Gregory Nazianzen.

In he reached Rome, where he lived about three years in close friendship with Damasus. For a long time the Church had felt the need of a good, uniform Latin Bible.

Pope Damasus at first asked his learned friend Jerome to prepare a revised Latin version of the New Testament. In the Four Gospels appeared in a revised form, and at short intervals thereafter the Acts and the remaining books of the New Testament.

These latter were very slightly altered by Jerome. Soon afterward he revised the Old Latin Psalter simply by the use of the Septuagint. The name given this revision was the "Roman Psalter," in distinction from the "Psalterium Vetus.

In he settled at Bethlehem, assumed charge of a monastery, and prosecuted his studies with great zeal. He secured a learned Jew to teach him Hebrew for still better work than that he had been doing.

His revision work had not yet ceased, for his Book of Job appeared as the result of the same kind of study as had produced the "Gallican Psalter.

But Jerome soon recognized the poor and unsatisfactory state of the Greek texts that he was obliged to use.

This turned his mind and thought to the original Hebrew. Friends, too, urged him to translate certain books from the original text.

As a resultant of long thought, and in answer to many requests, Jerome spent fifteen years, to , on a new translation of the Old Testament from the original Hebrew text.

He began with the books of Samuel and Kings, for which he wrote a remarkable preface, really an introduction to the entire Old Testament.

He next translated the Psalms, and then the Prophets and Job. In he prepared a translation of Esdras and Chronicles. After an interval of two years, during which he passed through a severe illness, he took up his arduous labors, and produced translations of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs.

The Pentateuch followed next, and the last canonical books, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and Esther, were completed by The remainder of the Apocryphal books he left without revision or translation, as they were not found in the Hebrew Bible.

Jerome happily has left prefaces to most of his translations, and these documents relate how he did his work and how some of the earlier books were received.

Evidently he was bitterly criticized by some of his former best friends. His replies show that he was supersensitive to criticism, and often hot-tempered and stormy.

His irritability and his sharp retorts to his critics rather retarded than aided the reception of his translation. But the superiority of the translation gradually won the day for most of his work.

The Council of Trent in authorized the Latin Bible, which was by that time a strange composite. The Old Testament was Jerome's translation from the Hebrew, except the Psalter, which was his Gallican revision; of the Apocryphal books, Judith and Tobit were his translations, while the remainder were of the Old Latin version.

These translations and revisions of translations, and old original translations, constitute the Vulgate. See also Jerome. See fuller bibliography in S.

Berger's work, mentioned above. His Knowledge of Hebrew. Church father; next to Origen, who wrote in Greek, the most learned student of the Bible among the Latin ecclesiastical writers, and, previous to modern times, the only Christian scholar able to study the Hebrew Bible in the original.

The dates of his birth and death are not definitely known; but he is generally assumed to have lived from to Born in Stridon, Dalmatia, he went as a youth to Rome, where he attended a school of grammar and rhetoric.

He then traveled in Gaul and Italy, and in went to Antioch, where he became the pupil of Apollinaris of Laodicea, the representative of the exegetical school of Antioch; subsequently, however, Jerome did not accept the purely historical exegesis of this school, but adopted more nearly the typic-allegoric method of Origen.

From Antioch he went to Chalcis in the Syrian desert, where he led the strictly ascetic life of a hermit, in atonement for the sins of his youth.

Here also he began with great labor to study Hebrew, with the aid of a baptized Jew ib. On a second visit to Antioch Jerome was ordained a priest.

He then went to Constantinople, and thence to Rome, where he undertook literary work for Pope Damasus, beginning at the same time his own Biblical works c.

He finally settled at Bethlehem in Palestine c. This outline of Jerome's life indicates that he was a master of Latin and Greek learning, and by studying furthermore Syriac and Hebrew united in his person the culture of the East and of the West.

His Teachers. It was in Bethlehem that he devoted himself most seriously to Hebrew studies. Jerome was not satisfied to study with any one Jew, but applied to several, choosing always the most learned preface to Hosea: "diceremque.

With similar words Jerome is always attempting to inspire confidence in his exegesis; but they must not be taken too literally, as he was wont to boast of his scholarship.

Of only three of his teachers is anything definite known. He was occasionally unwilling to explain the text ib. Jerome was frequently not satisfied with his teacher's exegesis, and disputed with him; and he often says that he merely read the Scriptures with him comm.

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